Match3 Maze

Match3 Maze 2.0

In this game, you need to make a row of 3 matching items in one string

In Match 3 Maze the objective is to make a row of three matching items in one single string, but you can not cross your own way, intersections are not allowed. This will make you think carefully before every move you decide to make. The first levels are really easy but they will get a little bit harder through out the levels and eventually the game will get pretty hard and it will test your logical skills.
The graphics of the game are not very important because you only have the board in which you play and the different items, but although it is a simple game the graphics are nice. The music is good too; it does not get tiring after a while. The game itself may get quite boring if you are the kind of person that gets frustrated easily because sooner or later the game will get harder enough and you will get stuck in a level for a while, but that is really the point of the game to challenge your mind.
Match 3 Maze is a nice entertaining game and it is only 2.5 MB so you can download it fast and the best thing is that is totally free!

Review summary


  • Free
  • Test your logical skills
  • Fun and entertaining


  • may frustrate you
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